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Hi all, Just got my magnificent LS400 5 days ago and absolutely love it, got LPG into the bargain, which it certainly was.

I have the usual collection of things to fix, with any just-aquired car, the one at the top of the list is my temp gauge.

It moves a millimeter or 2 when the ignition is turned on so doesn't appear to be physically stuck. It then just sits there, a bit below the begining of the markings. Everything else works fine, all is illuminated. I did notice that if I set the light dimmer, then turn on the lights, the panel illuminates on low for a few secs and then goes to fully lit. Seems ok after a run, presumably because something has warmed up?

I have had a hunt round the forums, and our American friends seem to have a lot more temp related problems, and it seems the thing to do is replace some caps and check for dry joints on the instrument cct. boards, which I can do.

I have ordered a CD from Ebay, will this have enough cct diagrams to check the temp sender?

Any specific info on the temp gauge gratefully received

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I think the temperature gauge issue is due to a faulty capacitor on the dash PCB but cannot locate the info, will have another look and post if I can find the info.

IT could also be the temp gauge sender unit try removing the wire to the sender and connecting it to earth and see if the gauge responds ( should go all the way to hot) if it does it will be the sender.

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