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Mods To An Isf


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I am ready for the barrage of negative posts about to come my way!

I would like to make some small tasteful :whistling: (if thats possible) mods to the ISF. Am thinking of lights in the side panel grills (they're fake after all) and maybe a splitter with white LEDs embedded on the front. So my question is does anyone know anywhere that would do this for me - needs to be close to Southampton which is where i live.

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Yes, it was the US sites that gave me the idea of lights in the grill - well actually i had already thought of it but then found US owners had already done it...i'm thinking red rear facing lights in the wheel arch grils which on the cad blue will leave streaks of purple/burgundy shining back about 3-4 inches (and red lights to stay legal).

Anyway - looking for a cusom car shop to help me with this as certainly not going anywhere the ISF with MY'd be a right bodge job if I do it and don't want to make it look stupid ( know what I mean)

Calling all southcoast workshops who fancy playing with an ISF speak up now please

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