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Gs 300 2006 Model


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I bought my car in 2005 and in early 2008 noticed the finish was bubbling. Lexus replaced the wheels FOC under the warranty. 11 months and 6000 miles later i notice the same thing is happening again. This time Lexus are refusing to replace on grounds that the warranty has expired. I am going to fight this on the grounds that the wheels are simply not fit for purpose (service manager has acknowledged they have major problems with wheels in UK and put it down to something on the roads).

Hopefully i will win but if i lose can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier. I have no inclination to buy from Lexus at a price well north of £1000 a set for fear that they will not last any longer than the last two sets

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Its a common problem on all Lexus models.

My IS200 (whilst under warranty) had 2 sets from Lexus.

I got my last set of alloys re-furbished by a local wheel re-furber. He put a hardwear finish on my alloys.

3 years later my alloys are still as good as when they were first re-furbished. If you can't get another set from Lexus I suggest you get your wheels re-furbished by a decent wheel place such as Lepsons or Pristine.

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At just 11 months old I would take it further, they are as you say not fit for purpose.......had they been 0ver a couple of years then OK thats the $h1tty quality of Lexus alloys "shining through".

I am sure they would be covered under the general consumer protection act......ring up your local trading standards office and ask for advice.....they love that :shifty:

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