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Hello all,

Iv'e just bought my first lexus, a milano red 1998 GS 300, and it needs a lot doing! Do you know where I can source parts from a decent supplier, that wont cost the earth?

Also, the steering wheel wobbles at about 65mph, and although Ive read alot about the GS's being sensitive to wobble, do you have any suggestions as to how I can remedy it?

I also need to know if anyone is breaking a gs300 as I need some little interior bits.

Many Thanks

The Murph

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Welcome to the LOC.

Without going either to Lexus or Toyota ( if you mention you are a member of the LOC they normally discount you 10% well Derby do anyway) there are various other companys selling genuine parts with a small discount e.g Japparts just do a google search for more or even more companies if you use non OEM parts ( not recommended).

As for the small fittings you are after ebay is normally a good source for breakers and I would start there.

Hope you get everything sorted, let us all know how you get on and post some pictures up of your GS.



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