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My Is300 With Pics


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Hi im Matt.

2 weeks ago i brought my is300. This is my first lexus as i have always had rovers but i did have a BMW for a bit.

Im a hands on guy and all of my cars have never stayed standard for long. I brought this Lexus as i wanted something rwd with some poke.

Gave it a full service last Saturday and i also painted the calipers and fitted the Lexus decals.

4 Problems with the car

* Tail gate going rusty

* The brake dust is shocking. Only takes a day for the wheels to go black.

* Automatic gearbox is very laggy. (i want it manual)

* Car is under powered as a 3.0 liter. (slow)

Apart from the problems, im loving it and the build quailty is A1 compeared to the rovers i had :D

Heres some pics.




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Guest inicol63

Welcome to LOC your car looks very nice.

Brake dust is bad on the standard pads as i have the same problem on both of mine.

Maybe we both should invest in green or red pad or even greddy pads would be better.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

My previous rovers where a rover 25 and then a VVC coupe. I also have a VVC mini which is very unique.

But like i said there no comparisment from a Lexus to a rover but sadly the 1.8 coupe is faster than a 3.0 Lexus which seems crazy. But the Lexus is not about speed so i just cruise every where now.

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