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New Keys Cut?

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I have what is left of two Lexus Keys for my Is200. Read a previous post some time ago about someone who managed to get blanks and get them cut. I have two blanks and just need to get them recut without taking out a loan to do it. Live in the Cambridge/Norwich area. Any help appreciated.

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Welcome to the LOC.

Most shoe repairers/key cutters can do the Lexus keys I bought the blank and had it cut at Mr.Minit for around £9.00 about 3 years ago ( non tranponder fob).

If you need a new case I have seen these on ebay then you can simply transfer the key blade and electronics into the new case.



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my local timpsons and local shoe repair places couldnt cut my key as it has a small kink there machine could not get into so i ended up getting a mobile key cutter to do it as he had a propper laser cutter and done it no probs

also if u buy a used remote off ebay u can get it programmed if u have a working key

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yh just find a local locksmith, and ring them and ask them whether there have a laser key cutter, i want to my local guy and he directed me to his other store couple of miles away as the other store has the laser cutter, its simple and doesnt cost a fortune, just ring em.

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