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Tuning For Is200 ?


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Hi guys, I was just wondering what I can do to get my IS200 to go faster, I have noticed it is really slow (This is an observation and not a complaint) Im over the moon with the car apart from a few niggles here and there which Im going to sort before I mod the car.

I want to start looking for things and pricing things up to give the Lex abit more 'GO'....Is there anything I can do without supercharging or turboing as I dont want to go down that route yet. Im sure I read somewhere about remapping, haS anyone done this to an IS200 ?



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Unfoprtuantly theres not a lot to be done in NA form.

You cant re-map the standard ECU either, (though there was a place in europe somewhere claimed they could but was never any proof).

Induction kit, exhaust, even a piggy back ecu, CAMCON, but even all of them will only give maybe 5-10bhp at the most.


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well what can one say, with out Turbo or SC your lex is not going any where fast, sorry to say!! i would not go buying anything for it that just adds 5-7 bhp cos you will not see that its any faster, save your cash, and then one day add SC or turbo......

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