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Not A Recall...a Safety Check :-)

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Car taken into Lexus on Friday........due to Brake Fade and Rattling from the rear brakes...I've only had the car 2-3 Months....bought from an independant non specialist.

Call to say the calipers are hanging on by one bolt!!!!! disturbing after just come back from racing around windy pass's in the lake district :unsure:

Got a call to say am getting new calipers rear...(although I have to pay for new disc's 'n' Pads)

New Fuel Line.......or something along those lines..

And new or replaced parts in the steering rack.....

apparently these three items should have been sorted as a re------- I mean safety check. :winky:

My only concern is with the steering being "tampered" with, at the mo it seems perfect......anyone had any experience with these issue's? :question:

\\\\rgds Tony.

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I would push for new discs & pads to be FOC too. Highly likely that the caliper problem has damaged the discs. Even if the pads were new they would need replacing when new discs are fitted so wear & tear wouldn't come into it.

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had a simialr issue on my bike, disc was warped so went in 4 a waranty claim, they would replace the discs FOC but wanted me to buy the pads - told them to stick it because if they were just worn they insist on new pads.

why are u getting new calipers for free is the important question and i fail to see why new calipers means u have to get new discs and pads unless they are badly worn, if so as a result of what?

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Got My car back at last!

All work done and car feels great.....

New rear calipers, new fuel line, new steering rack....

cost to me £214 for new rear discs and pads......not complaining as were due .....

and they even filled up my petrol tank.........happy days. :winky:

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