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Turn Signal / Indicators Staying On


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i have a 2001 (xreag) lexus is200

when i first bought the car, last year, the indicators sometime don't work, all i do i fiddle around the fuse box (drivers side footwell), move the wires/connectors and then they work from a few hours to a few months.

But last night, i turned car off and went inside...a few hours later i went to the car and hazards lights were flashing, everything was switch off, pressing the hazards button made no difference, unless i put the key in the ignition.

also the sunroof has never worked when i press the button, i hear a click but no movement.

any one have any idea on how to fix this problem? and what is the cause?

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What might have happened is that the windscreen was replaced some time, and not sealed properly. This is unfortunately a not uncommon problem, and then what happens is water gets in and plays havoc with the electrics. Can you tell if the windscreen isn't the original one, e.g. if it's got a brand name on it ? As Stav says, if you've got a leak then you need to fix that, or you're going to keep having problems like this.

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hi guys, it looks like the screen has been replaced, also my autolights did not work from the day I bought it, and i now know why, while i had the the footwell/ steering column and apart i noticed a wire that has been added to the indicator stalk, and it leads to the replay under the bonnet and is soldered to the headlight relay.

I tried to look for the leak but was unsuccessful on finding the source of the leak it does look like it is coming from the windscreen, I used a hair dryer and it has fixed the flashing indicator lights when the keys are out ignition, but my other problem is still there my sunroof still does not work, and my indicators still work from a few hours to a few months, to get them working is to fiddle around the fuse box (drivers side footwell), move the wires/connectors for it to work. When they don’t work,

when the amber lights are not working, the whole system is dead, but most of the time I still hear the flasher unit clicking really fast, as if there are no bulbs connected,

Should I get the screen replaced (I got a stone chip) and then replace the fusebox + relays?

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The sunroof fuse is on the driver's side too, so it's all consistent with a problem there. Sounds like you need to sort out the sealing of the windscreen. An ideal way to do it would be at Lexus rather than a mobile fitter, since Lexus will much more likely know how to do it properly.

You might be able to clean up any corrosion etc on the fuse box yourself, once the leak is fixed, without needing a new one. Have a look it it and see how it all looks.

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