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Lexus Oem Wheel Caps

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Yes, you need to measure the size and then theres plenty of choice on Ebay etc.


im not sure about plenty of choices on ebay ive been lookin for ages for 60mm round ones for ages but cant find any that fit my wheels :-(

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the depth is also an issue,i think?

yea thats the problem ive been having the clips at the back of the caps have to be a certain size to firmly clip/hold against the inside - ive seen lexus Rx400 caps which are 60mm in size and fit perfectly apart from the clips on the back so the cap is lose and just falls out

what size are yours? ive seen alot so might be able to help ya

also if you got 4 why not just mod them - spray, sand etc could do them wonder

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depth is an issue, for example, i have RX caps on mine the diameter is fine but they don't quite go all the way in, so it'll be easy for some scrote to get mine off, hoping to find one more IS one to complete my set then i'll replace the RX caps

i suppose i could try cutting them but its too much like hard work

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