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One Month On


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I always said id find i hard to find an alternative car to the IS, so after a month of having the Golf i think i have

Here's a few comparissons


IS200 2.0 SE

Length 4400 mm

Width 1725 mm

Height 1420 mm

Weight 1380 kg

Fuel Delivery Multi point fuel injection

Gears 6 Speed

Golf GTi 2.0t

Length 4204 mm

Width 2010 mm

Height 1485 mm

Weight 1328 kg

Fuel Delivery Direct injection

Gears 6 Speed



IS200 2.0 SE

Engine Size 1988 cc

Cylinders 6

0-60 mph 9.2 s

Power Output 153 bhp

Valves 24

Torque 195 Nm 144 lb-ft

Top Speed 134 mph

Golf GTi 2.0t

Engine Size 1984 cc

Cylinders 4

0-60 mph 7.0 s

Power Output 197 bhp

Valves 16

Torque 280 Nm 207 lb-ft

Top Speed 146 mph


Running Costs

IS200 2.0 SE

Average MPG based on a trip to WIM (approx 300 mile round trip) 29 MPG, 3 quaters of a tank used

Tank Capacity 70 litres

Insurance Group 12

Euro Emissions Standard III

CO2 Emissions 231 g/km

Road Tax Band F

Golf Gti 2.0t

Average MPG based on a trip to WIM (approx 300 mile round trip) 40.4 MPG (according to onboard computer), half a tank used

Tank Capacity 55 litres

Insurance Group 17

Euro Emissions Standard IV

CO2 Emissions 189 g/km

Road Tax Band F


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Sounds good so far matey, is there much difference in the insurance then Chris being in group 17?? :)

about £50 ayear

Thats not bad then mate :) plus having more power means you dont have to push it to get it going and saves on fuel,

So all round a good package by the sound of it? :)

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thought id never find a car thats good all round like the IS but to find something better.

just need my wheels refurbing tho lol

I'd have a go at them for you mate, but would hate to make a mess of them :shutit: its ok when its your own parts your doing as you have a certain level that you look for, but when its someone elses parts you have to work to a higher level to make sure there spot on :whistling:

Plus with them having a polished surface they'll need a good sand down using a fine grit paper to give the paint something to stick to? and with them having the different colour between the spokes they need to be masked up and thin coats of paint applied, so you dont get a lip between the colours :whistling: the only way i could do that is if i sprayed the whole wheel with the silver, mask up the main part of the spokes and then apply a couple of coats of the other colour and see if they will blend in? then lightly sand them with 3000 grit sand paper to smooth them off and apply the laquer in fine even coats? :unsure:

Which in the end would work out probably nearly as much as having them done by a wheels refurb place?

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Glad the new car's working out well for you :)

How have you found the switch from RWD to FWD? That's the thing that I think I'd struggle with switching from the IS, I really don't like the feel of FWD anymore after driving RWD for so long..........

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well i do know i dont want a polish surface, id prefer painted. will have to find someone willing do them

Its a shame you havnt got a crap spare or could get hold of a semi damaged one mate, so i could give it a blast to see what you think of the finish? :unsure:

Don't think they have a spare ? well steel and very very thin :o

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