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Does anybody know what I need to convert my car to HID lights ? Is it just bulbs ?

Ive been on ebay looking and there is literally thousands of different ones for sale and all different prices.

I dont know which to go for and how much to spend :wacko:

Thanks in advance ;)


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You need a proper HID conversion kit, which includes ballasts (small boxes of electronics to provide the very high voltage that the HID needs). The bulbs that you are seeing are just regular halogen bulbs with a little bit of Xenon gas in them to make them look whiter (IMHO don't waste your money on those).

You should be able to get a decent HID conversion kit for around £50. e.g. this one sounds ok, as does this one. There are loads though What you need is just a kit for HB4/9006 bulbs, any with those should do ok (and will get you a *lot* more on eBay than just searching for "Lexus").

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i got hids for mine(10k's) and now having them for a while i wont go back to standard bulbs!!!i got mine for £50 plus £10 p&p of ebay! and take ten mins to fit!

it'll be the best £50 you've spent!

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