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Cleaned my new Mk2 GS300 Sport today.

So far - she has had the following

Wash - Autoglym Shampoo

Tar removed - Autoglym tar remover

Wax - Meguiars cleaner wax

Finish - Autoglym Extra gloss protection (left for an hour - before buffing off) - Applied to wheels also



All mats - Super Interior Cleaner, scrubbed and dried

Glass cleaned with Autoglym fast glass

Dash - Autoglym super interior cleaner & super sheen

Leather - Autoglym leather conditioner


Autoglym Machine Cleaner applied then brushed in and agitated

Wiped down

Applied AG super sheen

I plan to apply some Collinite R222 very soon and am looking into the best sealant to apply after this.

This car is destined to become mint!! :D



Having trouble posting other images!! Will try again with a new post underneath!!

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Looks good mate,

is there two GS's in the family?

Yes I now have two, my wife drives the Mk1. Going to lose the Mk1 in the near future though, the wife has decided she would like a smaller car (she used it most when we were a one GS family - I just enjoyed it at the weekends). Now I have the Mk2, I ain't gonna argue!

The Mk1 is in great condition, needs a new exhaust (centre pipe - from cat) and a new spring...

The Mk1 has had the lot done,

New cambelt less than 800 miles ago, new B service, new disks and pads all round (less than 20 miles since the rears were done), rear calipers refurbed, new platinum plugs, new air & fuel filters, new tyres, everything works as it should, and has a (nearly) FULL LEXUS SERVICE history! Last done two months ago at Lexus Hanley, 120,000 miles and runs like a dream (apart from the blowing exhaust) lol


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I do like the look of the Mk1 GS sports.

very nice cars. TBH i think i like the mk1 shape a little more than the mk2

I agree wholeheartedly. After 6 years with a Series1 Sport I would have loved it if my GS 430 had the same smooth, sleek body as the Series 1.

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I do like the look of the Mk1 GS sports.

very nice cars. TBH i think i like the mk1 shape a little more than the mk2

I would agree, the Mk1 has a sort of exotica look about it and really does look like a muscle car too. Definitely a classic to be.

For me though, the Mk2 is more refined looking, in my eye's at least, it's a bit more classy and has a air of quality about it. I must say, that when I am out in the Mk1 more people seem to want to race you, generally BMW 330i types!

Just the other day, we were coming down the M5 toward home, a RS4 geezer flew past me, I was traveling with cruise on at 70, he then slowed, until I caught up and slowly over-took him, no sooner was my arse past his nose and he was there, in my mirror, looking to prove how fast he was, I pulled over to the middle lane and let him past with pleasant wave, you know, the kinda wave you do with your fingers in a loop! lol

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That may be why i like the look of it, may invest in one in the future as a second car, as the IS is bound to become a masive project one day rather than a daily driver LOL

I'll line them both up tomorrow and take (next to each other) front, rear, and side shots, let the debate begin! lol


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Nice Patch

I have the Mk2 GS300 Sport in the same colour I changed from a Mercedes to this and I am always getting comments (wow thats a nice car) I did not get that with my Mercedes.

I have been unlucky regards the brake master cylinder going as we all know it is a common fault on this model after about 100,000 miles but mine has gone at 88000, I managed to get a brand new one from ebay still in the box from Lexus for £900.00 plus £20.00 delivery these retail at £2000 but my car is in pristine condition so well worth spending the money on.

It looks great with the sport wheels.tinted windows etc. I intend keeping it for a long time because I just love driving it.

Norman :D

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Very nice!! I do still prefer the mk1 looks wise but i could def see myself having a mk2 like yours in the future.... lovely cars. I vote you get the lip for the front bumper. looks amazing. Any pics of the interior? and maybe some mk1 snaps?

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Thanks Norlec and rtjc.

The front lip - trouble is there are loads of speed bumps around where I live, I could not see it lasting too long!!

I am about to post a load of pics of the Mk1 & Mk2 sport in a bit, just watching the MotoGP - cummon Toseland!


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