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Is200 Head Unit


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Sounds like you've got a cd stuck, have had the sme prob a few times.

To fit this i remove the headunit from the car unscrew both side brackets so the a/c section can be removed, then unscrew the top plate off the headunit so as to gain acsess to the cd's and tray mech.

Plug the headunit back into the car this will reset the cd laser moving it out of the way so you can unjam the trapped cd/s, when you've cleared the cd/s from the trays take out of the car and put it all back together and re-fit back in car.

This should sort your problem, as you will have acsess to the laser eye you could also give it a clean at the same time with a ear bud dipped in meths, just wipe the laser eye, this will help if you smoke a lot in the car!

Hope this helps you with your troubelsome headunit.

P.S this is for the headunit with the cd slot at the top!

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