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Where Have I Been ?

DJ Wozza

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Hi Guys & Gals :)

I have been away from LOC for what has seemed to me like an age (when in reality it has only been about 7-8 weeks)

There are a few reasons why I have been away, the main one being a close Family member has been (& still is) seriously unwell. Hopefully things will get better in that area over the coming months, I am remaining hopeful. On top of this, work

has been a major struggle since around late September time, and I have been working hard to get this back to a some kind of reasonable level. Friends on LOC & friends away from the club have seen how busy I have been with my lack of

contact with them during this time. Hopefully things will now start to improve, albeit slowly at first over the coming weeks.

With regards to work, I have got lots of temporary cover gigs over the next couple of weeks that will take up much of my

time, this is on top of my regular stuff, but I will be posting, & continuing to answer the stereo questions I receive via pm

(as I still have done even when I haven't had the time recently to post).

I have missed greatly the fun & friendly banter on the forum, I haven't been to a LOC Meet since the one in the Midlands that Kazi organised & many of us attended back in January (? :unsure:). I do wish to thank all the people who have contacted me via pm, text, or email etc to ask where I have been. I really appreciate it, thank you all :)

Any other issues regarding my absence from LOC are now in the past, which is exactly where they will remain.

They will not be discussed here.

I am looking forward to a nice summer, the weather is finally getting warmer, and (time permitting) that means some of

the little jobs I have wanted to do to the car will be getting done, then some cleaning & polishing, then just enjoying driving my car, pumping some choons, getting along to LOC meets, & having some fun is what is generally on the cards, which really is IMO what LOC is all about :D


Wozza :)

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Hey up dude, how are you doing? Hope all goes well with the you know what fella, hope all goes well over the next four months or so..

Will see you soon :)

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Welcome back ................. but i know where you you been :P

gord tell us where he has been

No, did not mean, he has not been where he said he has been, just that i know where he's been :blink:

ohh i see.

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