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Quick IS

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I was sent this email by JAVIER QUIROS and thought i should post these pics.. this is a very nice machine!

Here goes!

I have been looking at your nice IS 200 and IS300 that are being modified in your country,and I just want to show all the funs of Lexus the craziest and most succesful conversion that we made in Costa Rica by the TOYOTA DISTRIBUTOR,PURDY MOTOR SA.

-Original twin turbo eng from a 1997 Supra

--Modifications made:

-ABS system had to be removed to another space

-A/C system had to be replace to a new position inside the hood

-Intercooler adapted

-Gear box mountings,modified

-All the electrical system from Supra had to be installed in the Lexus

-3" mufler

If you want more information,please contact me.The car is a bullet,goes from 0-60 MPH in 5.7 seconds,and now we are changing computer and adding more boost,so it should be a little faster


Enjoy the pictures if you want more let me know

Here is the pics in the gallery

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my newest time.. got it today... this is the first time taken since installation of fuel pump.

Does this classify me as a fast auto IS200??

0.7sec gap between me and supercharged now.. :D

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I will have to get one of those apexi timers, it will be more accurate than my TAG, will probably sharpen my times a bit:smilegrin:I start watch, go, then look down for 60mph then stop it, probably slower than actual time.TRD328, that is one fast IS auto, well done mate

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