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Lexus Lsd


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I’ve just found a sport model’s LSD up for sale, it has done 60K and is from a 51 reg IS, while my IS is a ’00 and has just hit 90K.

I was wondering before I commit to buying this, will this fit correctly as in a straight swap ? Is there any potential problems I should look out for? And if anyone knows if there is a way to tell whether it is an LSD or an open diff ? Like a stamp code or something similar ?

The Seller is asking for £200, which is roughly what I was expecting to pay, but does anyone think this is too much ?

Thanks in advance !

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I think almost all Sports had the LSD. Not sure why a few didn't.

You can easily check if you have an open or LSD via the VIN plate on the back of the engine bay (on the bulkhead). Info courtesy of Carles :

See the vin plate, where it says "axle" there are 4 characters, e.g. A02A or A02B. Check the fourth character - "A" means open (non-LSD) diff and "B" means LSD.
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