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Need Parts For Is200


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i have a garage in israel and going to fix a lexus is200, year 2000 , manual gear,

i need some parts as:

1. bonnet.

2. front grill.

3. front bumper.

4. front head light - right side.

5. radiator - for a manual gear.

6. A\C condenser

7. plastic that sit on top of the engine.

the car is original from holland.

i need your help please, can anyone write me the website \ telephone \ email of the company that can supply the parts.

i need it ASAP.

i prefeared a company that sit in holland (europe for sure)

the parts can be used or new,

my problem is that lexus is not import cars to israel (only private imports).

thanks in advance


Tel Aviv


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You should be able to get all these parts via Toyota/Lexus, they're still available as new.

Alternatively try places like CheapToyotaParts

thanks for the fast answers.

i want to buy all for the same place, and regarding the "cheapToyotaParts" i send them mail and they didnt write me back.

do you have other names?

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You need this stuff shipped to Israel, right ? You mentioned Holland but I'm assuming this is only that's where the car came from originally, pretty much any European Toyota/Lexus dealer should be able to get all the stuff for your very easily. All you need is someone who is prepared to send them to Israel.

Lexus Birmingham (in England) sell various items on eBay, their shop is here. So they are at least prepared to send things within the UK, I don't know about internationally but you could ask them. Their phone number in the UK is +44 121 377 4200, ask for the parts department. Or their email is

An alternative is to ask on the Euro LOC forums about places in other European countries.

Let us know how you get on.

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