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What A Great Weekend.


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What a great weekend I had at Santa Pod, I crew on this Nitro Fuel Altered dragster and this was our first full weekend of racing not only this season but with this car as it was brand new and built last year but we didnt take delivery of it until September and only got in three test runs last year so we are still learning how it reacts, so with that and the crappy weather and cold track over the weekend we managed to get out for 2 runs Sunday and 2 runs Monday with the first one on Monday making us the fastest Altered all weekend with a 6.5 second @ 221 mph pass (which we have been told is 3 mph faster than they managed in America last season they clocked a pass @ 218 mph but we need to verify it ourselves) which put us in the final, but unfortunately the car we were up against in the final took a bit longer to stage than us and we were sitting in stage a little bit to long and at about half track we blew cylinder no 5 so had to settle with second place but that's racing and will keep us busy this weekend, but we will be the first Nitro Altered outside of America to get a 5 second run this year .





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Congrats on the time!

That looks great fun, how do you get involved doing something like that?!

Would love to be involved with some form of motorsport in the future once I have some spare time from work and the family etc etc.

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Very cool, I hope to attend the pod again sometime this year. With LOC if I can get the car back on the road lol..

But love watching these, I saw the one with like a rocket on the back last time the flames were just insane great to watch :)

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looks good mate,

what does altered mean?

The term Altered goes back to the 50's when racers took old fords, Chevy's, fiats and would Alter them from stock looking cars in to hot rods.





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