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Altezza As200 - Worth It?


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Hi lads,

I am looking at an Altezza AS200 at the minute as it's a fairly good price and sweet looking car....I know that the engine in the AS200 has nothin on the RS200 especially being an automatic like this one but if anyone has had one wud ya let me know what ya think of them and whether they are worth buyin....

And if theres any key info bout the car to know let me kno cos goin to look at it this week


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As others have said, no real point in the AS200 as it's technically the same as an IS200 except they're much more common and come with the full spec as standard (if you get an SE or Sport) - plus I believe the sound insulation, etc, is better in the Lexus but don't know this for sure.

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well lads i went to check out the motor on Saturday....not actually sure whether its an AS200 or just an auto RS200???

The engine is a BEAMS 2000 but going back 2mo evening for a test frive cos the dealer was apparently "too busy" on Saturday....

how would i kno whether its an AS or RS apart from the diff in power?

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An AS200 has the same 6-cylinder engine as the IS200. The RS200 has a 4-cylinder engine.

You can also check the manufacturer's info plate which should be on the bulkhead at the back of the engine compartment, that should have some codes on it to say what model it is.

This is an AS200 engine (actually, it's my IS200, but it's the same engine) :


This is an RS200 engine :


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