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Sex In The City Box Set Seasons 1-6


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For sale: s*x in the City Box Set - Seasons 1-6

Item Condition: Brand New Unopened still in the box was delivered in

Price and price conditions: £ 44.00 (cost £60)

Extra Info: none apart from it would be a good pressie for the lovely lady in your life :winky:

Pictures: linky to amazon for pics details etc

Contact Details: pm or here on the post

Location: Croydon(ish)

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: UK delivery free - other counties please contact & I'll get a price

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I got the missus the "shoebox" set, (basically the same but in a shoe box LOL)

cost me a lot more than that and she keeps repeating through the bloody thing

But what one is your fav episode mate :whistling::lol: :lol:

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