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Is200 Sat Nav System Testing


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Ok here is the problem i have a screen and i have the diagrams for it worked out its the IS200 Sport Nav screen

from following the diagram i have the following connections made

ACC = pin 14

12v =pin1

GND =Pin 22

Ign sw = Pin 3

red = pin 16

Green = pin 4

Blue = pin 17

Shield= Pin 6

Sync = pin 5

DTX + =pin 9

DTX - = Pin 21

Wired into the 3 resistors and 2 diode circuit to fool it into thinking the amp is present(dont hink its needed but what the hell)

from what i can tell there are no other connections needed i have run a scart wired to RGB output including a seperate sync and still nothing

Form my past work on screens and other toys my assumption is that even without there being an image the screen should illuminate in some way to show power but as of yet there is no signs of life

My RGB output works tested on a 5 grand projector at work :whistling:

This is the second screen unit i have now and the likely hood of 2 units not working are remote but possible but even if the screen was burnt out etc there would still be some sort of illumination or even the fan spinning at the base of the unit but nothing so am i missing something monumently stupid or is it being a pain for the sake of it

at this rate im going to go bald with stress lol

any advice before i torch the thing


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