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Dyeing Seat Material

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Like many people I have a half leather interior, but I was wondering whether the non-leather seat material can be dyed.

My problem is that my IS200 has a cream interior and the cream seat material is stained. Since the interior is a little bright for my taste anyway, I thought it might be possible to dye this material (which is also on the doors) a different, darker colour, giving a two-tone effect and covering the stains. Since my car is black, my initial idea was to dye this material black, but I don't think black and cream are a particularly good combination.

Has anyone else tried this, or even considered it?

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Not sure anyone has tried it .... the problem would be keeping the dye from bleeding into the leather as suede dyes tend to have the consistency of water - guess its possible but think it will be a pretty tricky job.

Most people have either swapped the whole interior or cleaned what they have :)

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Thanks Janey. I would consider swapping the interior for a black one, but sounds very expensive!

hey up matey, :offtopic: but where abouts in leicester you from??

I live in Thurnby Lodge

ahh nice one mate. be good to see you at a midlands meet when we next have one matey.


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