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Is200 Amplifier Wanted


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i think i still have mine floating around somewhere.........

have a look when i get home where in colchester are you i just moved to braintree so probs cheaper for you to come collect if i find it lol


That would be great mate, let me know. Im not too far from colchester town!


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I have a spare amp which I removed from my car. Mine is an early model (1999, was matched to a head unit ending in 02), and when there was a recent thread about a similar problem (was it Asi ?) I wondered out loud whether the amps have to match up to the head units. He seemed to find another amp worked ok, I don't know whether that was luck or whether any amp will work.

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Hey guys took my amp out today only too about 5 mins!

Have the serial number under neath the TOYOTA bit is 86280-53040

Then seiral number ABA00127

Havent got a clue if any of that helps but anyone got an amp that will match?? its from a 53 (04) IS200!

Cheers Tom.

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