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Peugeot 406


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Title says it most really, I have a Peugeot 406 LX DT, Diesel Manual Estate in grey for sale. Covered 107k Miles, Registers 1997 on a P plate and is a 2088cc which means its not to sluggish, but returns around 40-50mpg depending on driving.

Overal condition is good, has a few very small dinges down each side which can only been seen when looking down the car (catching the relflection), Has a little paint bubbling around the sunroof but does NOT leak. Mainly used for taking dog around in so the rear plastic piece in boot is scratch from dogs claws. Passengers side window doesnt work but will be fixing this weekend, passenger air bag cover has peeled a little but I have stuck the corner back down.

Apart from that everything is in fine order, has a number pad security thing so you have to put in a number before engine starts (very 007 LoL).

Roof rails, After market Sony CD player only year or so old.

Put 6 months tax on it at beginning on April, and has MOT until end of June, runs well, interior in good nick apart from passenger air bag.

Have a massive folder with all receipts, MOT's, work carried etc.

The car was a company car and did loads of motorway miles in early life after that its only done a few thousand a year with all MOT's to prove it.

Its on piston heads for £900 but for you lovely LOCers its up for £800








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