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18" Volk Racing Split-rims


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I have been offered a set of these 18" Volk Racing Split-rim alloys wich could do with a refurb the inners are dark blue but same rims same as pic below


Now i know these wheels are prob worth a fair bit and i may well be dreaming but theres a local lad has them but told me to make him an offer (ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH !! :shutit: i hate the offer malarky)

I am thinking they would look sexual with the inners done black on my black lexus , hes a really nice guy the lad that has offered me them just i am mega mega clueless , are these alloys quite desirable and what would you guys be tempted to offer ?

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they are ok, but i can think of alot nicer wheels out there for the price you are going to pay for them, but a if you like them dont let me put you off, im just saying have a good think about it, if he is leting you have them for a low price then you have to ask your self why?? cos if something sounds to good to be ture , 9 times out of 10 it is,

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I quite like the idea of having some JDM splits on the car , the guy who is selling them had the puppies on a supra and no longer owns the car , i put up a post on my local car forum registering interest on a set of Advans and another lad who i know got back to me saying he had these make him an offer ,

I do like the rims i have on the car at present 18" ultralite G-grids BUT i really fancy some split rimmage aswell if i could aquire them for a reasonable price ..

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