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I had my boiler serviced yesterday, and the British Gas engineer recommended installing a MagnaClean. He didn't seem pushy and in fact he said I could probably get it installed cheaper by someone other than British Gas, but it would help prolong the life of my boiler by helping to collect the sludge.

He reckoned it would be around £300 installed all-in, because there wasn't really room to install it by my boiler, so it would need to go in my airing cupboard with the pipes being moved around a bit to get it in the right place (otherwise it would be cheaper to install).

Does anyone have any experience with these ?

If it really would help my boiler out, given how expensive a new boiler can be, then I'd consider it.


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Yes mate my uncle recently had one fitted by british gas ( he has the break down cover ) he was getting no hot water upstairs...when they came out it was the main valve in the boiler was knackerd and blocked up with sludge ( which will happen over time ) the magna clean is meant to collect all the sludge before it gets into the main part of the boiler...the thing is if you have the british gas cover and when your boiler goes wrong again and you dont have the Magna clean fitted they will say its "Sludge in the system " and they wont cover you...!?

Another thing is to put some rad clean in your central heating system OR a small amount of washing up liquid helps stop the sludge build up......

So really up to you..? it will help but it is a lot of the way my uncle paid £240 for the magna clean and for it to be fitted..

the main valve inside and the presure vessel are the 2 main exspensive things to go wrong on a boiler

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