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Ok, yesterday my alarm played up after returning from the barbers. My remote fob light was on constantly thus my alarm went crazy, including it going off while driving home. Slightly embarassing i may add lol. After some fannying about i managed to recode it and get it to work again. I also cleaned out the casing, board & buttons to eliminate any static that could have caused this. All is well now.

However, being slighty put off by the fact that i only had one remote i got a couple spares on ebay which have arrived today. Just away to clean these up aswell. Is it possable for me to recode another fob in the same manner as i did with the original, without causing the original to stop working?

I searched the site yesterday and found a few threads (including the one below) but didnt see much about adding additional remotes so any help would be much appreciated.

P.S no i wont take it to Lexus to be ripped off by some goon doing the same thing i would.

Cheers. Ross

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I am pretty sure that if you have the correct model fob and follow the procedures in the guides that are in this forum then you will be able to re-programme the other fobs. I have done it before with a fob that was always kept as a spare as I think after a good while they lose their memory/ settings. It should be fine if you just follow the instructions on the site. search for the threads and you will have your answer.

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Yeah ive had a look at the threads but they are pretty much for resetting the original fobs. I'll have to just give it a go i think, cheers. Have taken one of these new spares appart & cleaned it all up so the code will be gone anyway i would think. I'll report back if it works so others can do the same. Got two spares on eBay for a tenner ;)

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