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Get it on a drag strip then?

Will let yuou know mine when i get the car back and the Apexi wired in.


I'm not sure if there is even a drag strip here, I think there might be one up north, I know a company organised drag races a few years ago but not sure were they held them,

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Buy an obd reader like the elm327 and plug it into a laptop, can use it for 1/4 mile times 0-60, 0-100 plus a few other bits :D And you can log the times so you can compare how your doing :)

My OBD will be inactive now mate, all through the LINK ecu.

Does the Apexi show this info then?

You can tell I know what's going into my own car can't you :blush:

Sorry i'm getting confused. Its a Blitz ID.

Its a little logger thing that shows 0-60, or 1/4 mile etc by taking readings from the speed sensor.

I'm having a full standalone LINK ecu in the Lex with the conversion.

Not sure if the Apexi does this. It may do on the screen you'll have to ask.

The Blitz looks like this:



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This is on Apexi's website so you prob can:

In Monitor Mode, the Commander can display up to 10 parameters of data in real time. Monitor Mode can display:

Engine RPM

Ignition Timing

Vehicle Speed

Air Flow Voltage (Pressure Sensor Voltage)

Injector Duty Cycle


Knocking Level

Battery Voltage

Intake Air Temp

Water Temp

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iam sure the standard is ... feels quicker then 9secs!

I thought that too. The closest thing I could think of to the IS200 that I'd driven was the MINI Cooper 1.6 (not the S). But I checked the 0-60 for that and it's 9.1 seconds I think, so maybe it's about right.

What doesn't help the 0-60 time on the IS200 is that you need two gearchanges, so it will feed quicker on the road than the 0-60 time would make you think.

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