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Need Parts Urgent(ish)

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As the title suggests, I'm in hasty need of a few bits for my 2001 IS300, I need:

A Water pump

Drive belt tensioner bearing (though I've got a feeling I might have to get a whole tensioner)


Of course I can get them from Lexus, but I can't really afford to.

Does anyone have any clues where I could look? I'd prefer new parts so not really keen on breaker yards.

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You could try a motor factors and see if they have any ADL Blueprint parts for those items, since if they do they'd probably be cheaper than the OEM items.

You will probably find radiator supply websites that will do radiators for just about any car.

Lexus/Toyota can be cheaper than you think, it's always worth checking their prices, especially if you join LOC as a Gold member which usually gives you a discount on parts.

I got my water pump from CheapToyotaParts, but there was only a really small saving compared to Lexus/Toyota (with Gold discount).

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got a new timing kit my car isnt due ,just doing it for pease of mind, ure quite welcome too my old tentioner if its ant good 2 u,

Thanks for your kind offer mate, however mines an IS300 and I need drive belt tensioner not timing belt, already done that!

Thanks everyone else for links e.t.c, I did call Lexus but the parts were expensive, but I suppose they're going to be anyway :(.

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