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Hi there -

I am a new member and new owner of an ls400 2000 model year. I am also a complete novice at chat sites, so find navigating this one difficult.

I posted a question on the gold area without response: There is a push-on / push/off button low down in the footwell beneath the bootlock keyhole. Nothing in the manuals, doesn't seem to do anything with the engine on or off. Any suggestions ?

Looking forward to any responses, even 'can't help' etc.

thanks, bb2

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Hi and welcome to the LOC,

Sorry I cannot help either as I have a 1994 LS400 import but there will be someone who can answer your question along soon.

If not pop into your local Lexus dealer and ask them.

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hi and welcome to LOC mate.

Hi Steve -

Thanks for the suggestion, and also to everyone esle who replied.

I went to a Lexus service centre, they said the button is in an aftermarket fitted panel, but not to worry, as from my description of nothing happening whatever it controlled has probably been disabled. Next stop is the previous owner or if that fails the main dealer who did the majority of the servicing. If all that fails I will try and upload a photo. Cheers, BB

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Welcome to the LOC

Hi everyone. I didn't realize a Lexus is so quiet because your wife falls asleep in the passenger seat! Has anyone else discovered this feature?! BB

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