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Gs300 18inch Rims On A Is200

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hey people. how are we all today. i have just got bk from fitting my new rims :). so thought i would all share it with you. once again they are on my facebook and here is a link straight to a pic of them fitted;id=618530590

what does every 1 think. i love how they fill the arch :)

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added picture!
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yeah they do suit the is200 very well. never get why they didnt put them as a extra. but only ment for the gs300. but also fit the 220/250.

stevie i know it lets it down. it is the wheel locking nut that came with the car from factory. they just stand out more on these rims. but working for lexus dealership i am going to get some new 1s or see if i can get some caps to go over them to match the silver bolts.. was not going to fit them today but pulled my fingers out and got them on :)

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pins in the key :s. i have 1s that are like the Mcgard 1s already and all lexus cars come with same 1s. mayb the changed them from the pin 1s. i have never seen 1 of them type. but just been looking at some new 1s

i dont know what they are called but can have them fitted to the gs300 mark 2 say a 2005-present plate. not sure if its called a mark 2 as the old old gs300 did have abit of a facelift and some point lol.

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i will try find out the name of the alloys for you. yeah i had a set of them pin 1s on my old car and broke :(. but so easy still to get off. yeah most lexus wheels are now all the same for the bolts. just been reading old threads about which 1s to order with right size :). thanks you :).

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They look brilliant mate, I actually wanted to get those myself but couldn't find a way to get them without paying the extortionate price buying straight from Lexus..........where did you get them from and how much did they cost if you don't mind me asking?

Make sure you give it a few coats of a good wheel wax though - given the reputation of diamond cut lexus alloys it's probably a good idea :)

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