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Just a quick and simple query. How much fuel is left in the tank when the yellow warning light comes on, please? I had a lengthy drive back home recently, and there were no petrol stations open on my route.

BTW, I hate going below the 1/4 tank mark, normally, in any instance!


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It doesn't actually give an amount in my handbook but merely states the yellow light comes on when the tank is nearly empty but I would estimate it is around 2 gallons.

I was in a similar position last year when I was driving in an unfamiliar area and the light came on, I drove albeit very carefully for 20 miles before coming across a filling station so you have at least that amount to play with.

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In my Mk IV when the yellow light comes on the computer says 50 miles to go. The computer seems to count down to 30 miles to go and theb just displays low fuel. The other night I did over 35 miles with the yellow light on as the fuel station I intended to use is now being decommissioned and I had to proceed to the next fuel station.

Trevor Cooke

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i always consult any handbook to find the fuel tank capacity in litres, wait until it gets to an uncomfortable amount ie really low or warning light etc, (always have access to fuel though by either jerry can or local garage, this is just to test for future.) then completely fill to the brim checking how many litres max you can put in. find the difference between the two amount ie 70l tank-65l fill up=5l must of been left in tank, so say a gallon left, 35mpg=35 miles. those figures were made up, don't know what capacity your cars have. i say this because i had a micra that had 42 litre tank but when the needle was not even registering could only fill with 35+ litres etc

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