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Is200 Sportcross Towbar

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Hi All,

I’m thinking of buying an IS200 Sportcross, but I need to know that I can get hold of a towbar or have one fitted. I’ve trawled through some of the internet and some of the current forum topics and none of them seem to give a straight answer to the question: Is there a towbar available for an IS200 Sportcross (in the UK) and if so from whom can I get one? :)

I need the ability to be able to tow a small trailer (light loads) some of the time and maybe occasionally a heavier load (small classic car), but generally speaking this should not overload the car, the transmission or any other component, any more than any other brand of vehicle. If the IS200 is that incapable of towing (as some of the topics might suggest) then my dream of owning one may be out of the window!!! The Witter website is far from helpful, Brink seem to be continually updating their website, so any help from you folks would be a great advantage.

I currently drive and tow with a 16 year old Sierra GT, that can cope with anything I throw at it, so I’m sure a more modern machine should be able to cope, unless you tell me otherwise!?!?!

Thanks in advance for any assistance - Nomad9

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Welcome to LOC mate. Good to see another Yorkshireman on here.

You might want to consider the IS300 (3.0) sportcross if you are towing a trailer?

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My IS200SC has a tow bar, it was installed when I bought it. My guess is, it is original from Lexus. I live in Belium, I don't think it is country specific.

Towing capacity of IS200 and 300 is the same : 1200 kg

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I'm 99% sure that the "Lexus Accessories" brochure that is in my car along with the owner's manual, service book etc, has a picture of a towbar that was an optional accessory, for the saloon at least. Unfortunately my car is in the body shop at the moment (still !) so I can't check and/or scan and post a picture for you.

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