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Do Any Ls400s Have Rear Wheel Arch Liners?

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I need to protect my rear wheel wells as I have some corrosion there. I was looking for some rubber sheeting, but if later LS400s have arch liners then I'd be silly not to get some.

Cheers for any info guys.

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I bought some spray on underseal type stuff with waxoil in it and gave mine a good dose,didn't have any problems before so hoping won't have any now at all.

If you have a power washer or just a hosepipe give the arches a good blast 1st to remove all the crud and winter salt then allow to dry before treating.

The wheel arches on mine have the black trim on them I would advise taking them off ( 4 or 5 screws), cleaning them and the arch where they fit and spraying with a protective coating when refitting as I have seen rusty arches on the LS.

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