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A Little Sluggish.

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My car seem's abit sluggish at the moment, noticed it abit more today, basically when I put my foot down it sort of goes then there's a slight loss of power as if somethings blocked, also when I hit 3 and a half 4k revs it doesn't pick up like it normally does, had this problem last week but put a RedX in it with some Shell petrol and it was fine but now it's come back, the only thing I can think of is I put a tenners worth of Asda petrol in it to see me through until I fill up (with Optimax) on Friday, will the s :tsktsk: te petrol cause this :unsure: or could it be something else? it really is the worst time for the car to go wrong as i'm driving down to Cornwall in it on Sat. Also could this just be in my head :duh:


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give the air filter a quick clean

Will have a look but it's a K&N an i've got no oil :crybaby:

just give it a quick hoover and give the housing a clean and see if that makes a difference,it usually does,its amazing the amount of crap that gets in there

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Do you always run optimax?

If so your car will get use to the higher grade of ron in the fuel, and when you put on cheap fuel it wont perform the same as on optimax, or i could be talking bollox like normal!

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Try giving your ECU a reset. Either disconnect the Battery for a minute or so ( this will mean losing all your radio presets etc.) or pull out fuses that reset the ECU, just open the fusebox in the engine bay near the Battery and remove the EFI and ETCS fuses for a minute.

Hope this helps.

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Done a service last month but only oil/filter as the plugs have only done about 6k, don't always use optimax just normal Shell I think it's just crap Asda petrol as it seems better today, will give the air filter a clean out but it'll have to wait to be washed and oiled.

Cheers guy's.

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