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Pioneer Double Din Install In Mark 2 Gs300

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Hi guys,

Havent seen anything similar on these forums so thought id post some pics of my Pioneer AVIC-F700 Install in my mark 2 GS300.

This job took me quite a while, due to difficulties in obtaining parts etc (mainly fascia plate)

I have managed to do this without cutting or damaging any factory wiring, so the car can be reverted to stock at any time.

The general concensus (mainly from Clublexus US) was that retention of the factory amplifier was not possible, therefore I have bypassed it, powering the factory speakers from the headunit. The Factory CD Changer cannot be retained with an aftermarket stereo, I have left mine in the glovebox in case I decide to sell the car, pointless anyway with MP3 encoded cd, sd card, usb or ipod at my disposal.....

I have powered the factory sub through a JBL monoblock amp, hidden in the boot under the floor on the drivers side, I desoldered factory wires from the sub and insulated them so could easily be refitted at a later date.

Have also retained factory elec aerial, this however requires splicing into the 3 pin connector behind factory stereo (white/black)

If anyone has any wiring or other questions please ask me....

Parts Required -

2 x Toyota 87 onwards ISO wiring loom (available on ebay for £3-£5) These are neccessary to act as adaptors between standard factory wiring and ISO connections for the new headunit, and prevent any unsightly cutting or factory wiring!

1m iso extension cable (also available on ebay) This is necessary to relocate speaker wiring to behind stereo from factory amp which is located on passenger side behind the glovebox, you can make up own wiring but I found this to be a more satisfactory solution for the sake of £10. I also took constant power and ground from factory amp as the wiring looked heavier duty than power wiring behind factory headunit, this has proved satisfactory with no 'alternator whine'

If you want to have a 'factory' looking fascia adaptor part no.s are as follows, impossible to find in this country, however guys at lexuspartsdirect sorted me out! genuine toyota/lexus part from Japan so quality is A1 and perfect match (see pictures) you can import a metra kit from the states for around £15 but looks fairly plasticky!

radio bracket 86212-30221 £13.19

radio bracket 86211-30241 £13.19

Panel Radio 55412-30480 £22.16

Grand Total £48.54

1 x Amp (if you wish to power factory sub)

Amp wiring kit (had to run all through cabin as power required from Battery, ran wire through large rubber bung behind the Battery down through into the interior towards boot)

1 x Double din sat nav unit (I chose to import an AVIC F-700BT from the states, came to just under £400 inc customs charges, down side is that the radio tunes odd frequencies but not a big deal for me.... The GPS is flash memory based so I have loaded latest UK maps with speed cameras, Bluetooth function is integrated, absolutely superb can download phonebook on to touch screen, voice dialling is avaiable also)

1x Rear View Camera + Fitting Kit, I have integrated mine into the boot lock.... £20 from (works amazingly well for the price, wired into power supply for reversing lights, auto activates when shifted into R)






(GPS Aerial on Parcel Shelf)


New Amp (under boot carpet)


Reversing Cam in boot lid


Power Wire feeding into bung behind car Battery in engine bay


View from Reversing Cam (looks better in real life, poor picture)

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Looks like you've made a superb job of that mate, well done!

When I get round to it, I may do something similar. There's a Kenwood system which looks quite similar to what you've got that I quite fancy...

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Hey guys,

Cheers for your comments. I was considering a factory nav retrofit but this was by far by the best option, as a lot cheaper, and has good functionality. Ive played with many units previously and its amazing the sheer range of features on the pioneer for the price I paid....only downside is limited functionality with the radio, however it still picks up the majority of major stations even though the tuning is in odd number 99.3 etc....

If any of you guys need assistance with the wiring etc dont hesitate to drop me a PM.....

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