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It Sounds Like A Garden Strimmer...!

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Hi all,

I fired up the LS400 (1993), this morning and I heard what can only be described as a garden strimmer coming from under the bonnet, and the noise became stranger as I leant on the steering wheel! So, figuring that it might a lack of PS fluid I checked the level. The level seemed ok, but it was full of bubbles... I'll leave it until it stops raining and check again. Also, as it's raining quite heavily at the moment, I did notice a run of oil coming from underneath the engine compartment.

Oh hum, time to trawl through the 'search' facility again... just wondering now why I sold my 'yota Surf... it never let me down in 5 years of service!!

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jack up the car at the front, undo the p/s filler cap and turn the wheel all the way left and right. Do this several times. Any trapped air in the system should be gone now. Check level again, top up if needed and turn the wheels both ways again. This hopefully cures it

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