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Can Anyone Fibreglass? Need An Eyebrow Repairing

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When I bought the new headlights for my car they came with eyebrows already on but as they were the wrong colour they had to be removed in order to be sprayed, anyway, the stupid garage ended up breaking on of the eyebrows about an inch in from the inner point. The small broken section went walkies while the car was at the bodyshop, they basically threw it away without asking me in advance and informed me at a much later date that they had actually broken one of the eyebrows upon removal. Anyway, I've still got the eyebrows but was wondering if the broken one could be fixed?

Is someone good enough with fibreglass to replicate the bit thats broken off and attach it to the eyebrow? I know its a lot to ask but I dont wanna go n spend loads on a new set.

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