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Angel Eye Wiring.


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The people who have angel eyes could you's tell me how did you route the angel eye wiring from insude the headlight to out side without it showing. any close up pics would help?


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I think alot of people put the wire through the sidelight hole mate? As the sidelight bulb doesn't get used once you use the Halo's.

If you wanted to use both i guess you could drill a small hole?

Are you wiring them as DRLs or to work as sidelights?

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Not sure on that one mate but yes it is a possibility i guess if air can get in. What about drilling a small hole and using a rubber grommet fed through with the wire?

I'm looking to do a similar mod soon but trying to run DRLs. Not sure how to wire them yet though!

Good luck with yours dude!

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you can buy rubber grommits to fit in the side ligt holes i have them on mine failing that if your a dap handy with a soldering iron you coud wire the Halo's direct to the pins of the sidelight holder.......


any idea where you bought rubber gormmits?

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