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I have had some odd readings from my trip computer.

My journey to work is totally Urban (8 miles throught W London) so I was never expecting great MPG.

Anyway yesterday after arriving at work and the trip read 35.4 MPG which I thought was great as this is near enough what the manual states :D

Exactly the same journey today at the same time 6.45am and driving the same style as previous day and the trip read 31.8 MPG :(

There was no more traffic as I arrived at work at the same time as yesterday.

Has anyone else had quite different readings for the same journey ?

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yes, and I do have also different readings.

It is because that journey is so short, that everything affects the final reading a lot.

For example, in ideal conditons (no rain, temperature 10-20celsius, no wind, no extra stops) I can get to work for 5,0-5,5 litres per 100km (51-56mpg)

when it is 30deg - 43mpg, when it was -10deg - 33mpg.

so don't worry, it is normal.

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Lots of factors to consider. Temperature of tyres when you start, was there a frost, tyres will be underinflated if temperatures were low overnight. The wind, cross winds can mess up the airflow over the car, obviously a head wind/tail wind has an effect. Stopping and starting kills fuel ecconomy, doing this only 2 or 3 times on such a short trip will make a significant difference. Humidity and air pressure will have an effect at high speed, thicker heavier air takes more effort to move. Wet roads, lifting water off the road takes power.

I also suspect that a signifficant difference is caused by the car deciding it needs to charge the Battery on one trip and not on another. The power to run the lights, and stereo has to come from somewhere.

I've had between 35 and 42 mpg on the same slightly downhill trip to work over 17 miles, mainly motorway, when being very carefull.

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Bearing in mind the car will also estimate fuel used/left/remaining/inst. consumption based on a number of actors and is an indicator only...not entirely reliable and can vary. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it :)

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