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One question about the HIDs. How is it in UK as in Poland if you have passed your MOT and the you're caught by the police and they find HIDs in

H4 or H7 or whatever headlights which are not produced for HID they can take you car's registration certificate away.

Then you need to pass your MOT once again and come back with the result to take the certificate back.

Is it the same or passing MOT is something that lets you drive in peace ? :)

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I had my MoT test with my HIDs in. HIDs are fine for UK MoT, it's just the beam pattern/aim that is tested, so mine obviously tested ok.

However, passing the MoT doesn't prevent the police from stopping you and seeing if your car is roadworthy if they suspect otherwise. In *theory* aftermarket HIDs like the ones typically retrofitted to the IS200 are illegal, but I don't think this has been tested in practice. As long as you haven't got very blue/purple HIDs (e.g. 10,000K) then I think you'll be ok if the police stop you.

A similar example is if you've removed all your cats. You won't be able to pass the emissions section of the MoT test like this, so some people will insert a cat just for the MoT, then take it out again. However, if for some reason you get stopped by the police for a roadside emissions test, and you fail it because you've got no cat, you're going to be in trouble - but you'd be in trouble for failing this test, it effectively doesn't really matter that you've swapped your cars setup from the time it was MoT'd.

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i've got 10ks in mine and never had any bother.

removed all the cats from my mates merc and it still flys through the emmissions test. last test @2700rpm 0.01 the fail would be over 0.20.some cars will pass without the cats but some will fail bad!!

ps congrats on passing your mot!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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