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Coil Pack

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hi all

What do I have to do to sus out the failed coil(s) pack? I do not have the reader at the moment. Recently I brought some coils (seconds) to replaced the failed ones. I tried to replaced one by one to see if the failed one standout, but it's endless combination, plus I don't know it failed in pairs or more! When I replaced the order coil packs, the lights on the dashboard disappeared, but the problem still comeback. Also all of my orignal coils are B8 but some of the coils pack I brought are A4 or A7 what are the different between them? they all have the same part number!

Can someone shed some light for this problem!


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Whereabouts in London are you ? Perhaps someone with an OBD II reader might be able to help you out ?

Using the reader will help pinpoint it, otherwise it's down to experimentation as you say, which will be more complicated if more than one has gone down.

Where did you get the coil packs from ? I don't imagine that the slight variation in what's written on it will be a problem.

What lights have you got on the dash ? Have you got a misfire ?

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hi thanks for the speedy replied. The problem with the car when it failed is complete loss of power (i.e when pressed the gas padle it does nothing - need to restart the engine for it to come back) some the original coils pack are failing and everytime I put 2-3 new coils in the car run very sluggish - like loosing 50% of its power.

BTW I am in East London

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What lights do you have on the dash ? Whilst it might well be the coil packs, it could also be something else going wrong. Has any work been done on the engine recently, e.g. cam belt change, service, anything else ?

You're a bit far for me to pop over with my OBD II reader, unless you fancy a drive over this way (NW Surrey). I don't know if there's anyone in your area who might be able to help you.

The other alternative is to read the codes yourself, even without a code reader, but it's more complicated. The procedure is detailed here, in section 2b. It involves connecting two of the OBDII connector's pins together, which then makes the engine check light on the dash flash in a sequence which blinks out two digit codes for you, which then can be checked in the manual.

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