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New Anti Theft Device

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As you all know I recently purchased a BNIB (Brand New in Box) crocodile on Fleabay and then I also bought a genuine Lexus roof rack.

After careful consideration I decided to combine the two to form an effective anti theft system for the LS.

I mounted the roof rack on the car and then using half a cow as bait managed to entice the crodile onto the roof rack ( wasn't easy pm me for full details).

Using some plastic cable ties I then secured the crocodile on the roof rack.

This anti theft system has a two pronged approach, if some lowlife comes near the front of the car the crocodile will bite them and if approached from the rear will whack them with it's tail.

Once the car is back home in the garage I entice the croc off the roof rack with another half of a cow ( can't leave it on all the time that would be cruel) then take the croc for it's daily walk on a lead ( I don't want it eating everything it comes across).

Never had a problem since I have done this.



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