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I've been considering changing from my 250SE-L to a 450h for a while now.

I've seen several SE and SE-L that look interesting, but I'm having difficulty making a final choice.

They are between 15k and 45K miles and differ by 18 months in age.

Considering the 5 year warrentee limit on the batteries; and the good reputation of Lexus for reliability, I think the high mileage younger car option is probably the best choice.

However this probably means buying a car that's ex-lease and been abused and roughly treated by a business user, as opposed to a low mileage social and domestic used car.

What are your thoughts on this? Which way would you go?

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I'd go for the lower mileage models as it helps when you need to sell on. However, if you are in it for keeps then this does not matter.

When I go looking at different cars of the same model, I don't know why, but I do get a sense (a gut feeling) for which has been looked after the best just by going through the history/documentation and having a nosey all over each (an accumulation of a lot of aspects for each car builds a picture in your mind). No doubt, you will be the same.

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Mine had done 40k in two years but I got it at a great price from a Lexus dealer.

I work on the principle that if it's done 20k per year it's probably on motorways - just cruising and over large distances. Also, it's a CVT box so no thrashing it through the gears - the computers sort it out so you can't really thrash it....or that's my theory.

Batteries and motor - I had a Prius for 4.5 years prior to the GS and subscribe to several "anorak" Prius sites. Not one of them has ever reported a knackerd Traction Battery. The display shows them as being full, empty or somewhere in between but the reality is that the batteries are kept in a charge range and never get anywhere near fully charged or discharged. The display just shows where you are within the designed charge range. As I understand it the Battery condition is optimised by the computers/software. My Prius had done over 60k when I traded it in an never a problem with the Traction Battery.

I got a full service history and a year left on the warranty and took out a 3rd party 2 year extended warranty through the dealer.

Remember, this is a 3.5 litre hybrid, not a lousy 2 litre BMW 3 series - it's designed to be used and to last.

Anyhow, it's your money, do what you think is right ;-)



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Nothing wrong with high mileage.....provided the car has FLSH and looks to have been well looked after generally.

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