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Big Thankyou!

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Just want to say a VERY BIG THANKYOU to all the guys that have helped me in the past couple of weeks since my lex died :crybaby:

The response from many of the members has been fantastic in the way they have helped/offered help to me in trying to sort things out :D

And an offer of funds to get me going again from Jomo was just amazing, Thankyou matey :D

Mr Mole, Neil and Stav thanks for the delivery service guys you have been a great help and really appreciate it :)

To name a few of the guys that have helped, Mr Mole, Neil(iceman67), Stav, Gord, Wozza, Rabster, BillyBandit(my brother), Dandydons, and Jomo to name a few :)

Just goes to show what a great club this can be and i do owe quite a few beers/favours/help to all you guys that have helped me out,

Really Appreciate all of it and hopefully in the future we'll all meet up and have a beer or two (on me) :D

And the BANDIT will be back ;)

Thanks again guys.


A few pics in the life of my lex :lol:











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Not a problem mate, this is how a club is meant to be friends stepping in, during the 11th hour to help someone in need

Look forward toseeing the bandit living again BIGGER STRONGER FASTER than before :P

Really like the second pic from the bottom that is a great pic


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Flippin 'eck, I have 2 weeks away on holiday and when I get back I find that your car's gone up in smoke! Glad you're OK and that nobody was hurt. There's some great photos of your car there.

Enjoy your test drives!

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no problem chris and i have told you so many times thats what its all about mate ;)

you have helped me a lot over the last year its me that needs to thank you

good luck with the new ride mate

catch up see all the best neil

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