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Minor Suspension Issues - Massive Cost To Fix?


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Evening all,

I'm the recent and happy owner of a 99V MK4 LS400 in marvellous light and very polite green. Fantastic car so far, it's done 150k and has a few blemishes but is just so well put together it's unreal. The engine in particular is an absolute peach, doesn't feel in any way tired or used, is completely silent, and pulls like a train.

The only thing that detracts slightly (and I mean slightly) is that it's got what, from my research, appears to be common suspension problems:

1. There's an unpleasant knocking from the front suspension when going over small sharp bumps.

2. There are a couple of bushes in the rear suspension that are perished and need replacing.

3. Occasionally the front suspension goes into a full on creak attack and sounds like an old bed whenever the suspension moves. This comes and goes, I think possibly something needs greasing, or more likely replacing.

I've had the two first issues looked at by a respected Japanese car specialist - the third issue is most likely related to the same. Now, the problem is that apparently the perished bushes can't be replaced, it's necessary to replace the entire arm assembly on both sides front and back, at a cost of approx. £350 a corner, so £1400 in all.

I'm perfectly happy with the fact that the car still has £50k car running costs, but I was just wondering whether, since these cars are now getting older and are owned by enthusiasts, whether there was another way to get this sorted, ie one that doesn't involve spending nearly as much as I did on the car in the first place? If not then so be it, I just thought it'd be worth asking an opinion - thanks!

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It may be worth having a look on ebay at the following item numbers.

370156001974 Upper Arms @ £60.00 each and 190310178937 Rear hub bushes £115.00 supplied and fitted each side.

I think you can buy the bushes for the upper arms from specialists but then you need to remove the old ones and fit new ones.

Another thing to look at are the front anti roll bar bushes ( easy DIY fit)

Bit of reading info here

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I got rear hub poly bushes from the USA, but I have never seen them was ADUS

Might be worth trawling the USA LOC.

Also think 'Superflex' may now have these, most others listed

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The Superflex option looks interesting, they certainly appear to have the ones I need available. Has anyone done this, or something similar? I was discouraged from going this route by the indie who looked at the car for me, as, in his opinion, the money saved by only getting bushes would be spent on labour instead, burning out the old ones, fitting new ones in, etc. This makes sense to me as I can't do the work myself, but does anyone have an opinion on this?

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Chrali, not a great deal of difference in the feel of the car but they were well shot, allowing the rear wheels

to pull forward and back if you had a wheelbrace with a long bar on a wheel nut. [with the wheel/s off the ground.]

They have been OK no squeeks or queer noises.


Most of it came out, careful sawing removed the rest, being careful not to saw the housing!

It may push out if you have accurate fitting short bar to press it out.

Any way will do as long as the housing is not damaged...I did not risk heating it though...


Agreed, you could probably rig up something , pushing it through , say using a puller 'in reverse'

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Did anyone do this work themselves then?

How easy is it? i know i will be sweating and swearing when banging fingers off rusted bolts when spanners slip etc but is it do-able for average joe with some determination?

I was told its fine replacing the bushes if you want, but if they were worn for a while and have worn too much, then the arm has 'play' in it and will definatley need replacing because the ball joint has then been wearing too and will be shot

I have had one front upper and 1 or 2 lowers replaced already so its worth me fixing this last one (i think i was ripped off thinking both uppers were being replaced last time!!)

The rear uppers need doing soon to, but they are around £100 each so is more affordable than both front uppers at £400 each

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