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Bit 1

Sorry, I couldn't attach the image...

As some of you might know I've started a while ago "reskinning" some of the bits and pieces of my Lexus. All I can say is that it requires alot of patience. This is a sneak peak of one final product. I am really into carbon fibre(black or silver) and I think I will do some more stuff (centre console, and the middle bit between the seats. I know it will take me a while, but I will wait till summer comes.

I can also share some secrets for when you do it but before that make sure you have alot of patience.

So this si my pursuit of perfection.


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very nice mate what part is it,im tempted to do my window switches and rear view mirror

Believe it or not , is the bit that goes on the pillar for the seatbelt. The window switches I finish them tonight or tomorrow will have their final buff. Thay come up so nice that I feel like I want to lick them :blink: I did only the back. i will do the front when I am done with everything and I get bored.

I really recommend it mate, they could come out really nice but you will need alot of patience. If your bit has a light color, make sure that you give it a bit of paint, so you wont see the light colour through. Fot the small bits like widows switches and stuff I would recommend a very fine and light CF, but you can go down to same road as I went, and that is using a 200g/sqm. When you get close to do it, I would be more than happy to give some tips.


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looking nice mate will be looking forward for more and im sure most of us will

WOW, thanks guys. I will take some more pics when I am almost done(when modifying a car there is no end).

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