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Clicking Sound From Fuse Box

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Hi to all , lastnight i heard a clicking sound comen from my fuse box . It turnes out to be the fuel injection relay , i changed it over with the one form the horn , as these are the same but it still kept clicking . But when i start the car it stops , and when the car is of it wont stop clicking . I found out when the car auto locks it stops dead , but if i push the key to lock my car it starts clicking again . There is no lights comen up on the dash to say that there is anything wrong . Should i unplug the Battery at night cos i dont want it to go up in smoke lol . What is going on ????? . Has any one had the same thing happen to them ??????? . Can any one help ??? Car is a 2001 lexus is 200 sport . Thanks for your time B.Jay

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ok, well if the clicking carried on when you swapped the relays then it doesn't sound like the problem lies with the relay.

Have you got any warning lights on the dash ?

You could always pull out the EFI fuse overnight, that should stop it temporarily.

That relay is connected to the car's engine ECU. It is also connected on one side to an earth on the passenger side, behind the dash. Have you had any work done on the car ? Have you taken out the OEM amp to conect an aftermarket stereo ? Or anything in the engine bay ? I wonder if a wire has come loose.

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Guest inicol63

Have you tried leaving the relay out for 20 minutes and then reputting it back in.

At the same time take of the Battery leads this will reboot the whole system.

Some times it the central locking that can cause this along with the car going into gear.

Be carefull as the doors can lock on their own when the relay plays up.

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Thanks for the quick reply lads . No warning lights on the dash at all . Have an after market cd player , but this has been in for months and seems to be working fine . Will unplug the Battery and see if it resets the system . Will post back if any of these things sort it out . Once again thanks for your time and help B.Jay

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