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Carbon Fibre Bit Part 2


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looks nice mate. would be a good idea doind a walkthrough for other members

I will do but there are so many web sites and youtube videoclips out there explaining how to do it and I think it would be pointless. But no problems if you really think is a good idea.

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thats looks great mate,just itching to do mine now

Before doing anything mate, make sure you have a very understanding wife or girlfriend. If she doesn't understand you please make her watch "Love the Beast"...then she will understand your passion for cars. :winky:

It's is quite easy but you'll need to have patience as I was just about to muck up some part because of my lack of patiece. But who knows might have patience retrimmed your roof and pillars after all. :hehe:


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Also another set of pics will be coming up soon with the window switches, only the back ones though. Alot of bloody polishing is involved in this process but you forget all about it once you see the results.:)

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these look really good matey. can i ask how u go about doing them?? is it a c/f film wrap kit or similar?? how long does each item take etc??



Nah mate, this is the real deal..carbon fibre deal. I was looking to get something like that before but I think it woul've look a bit chavy so I choose real carbon fibre.

You can buy different skinning kits of the net or like me , go to a place that sells carbon fibre and get everything that's required: carbon fibre woven, resin, hardner, gloves, sand paper(different grades, plastic containers (I bought 10 of them ), brushes (depending on the size of the surface) and patience.

To apply the cf woven is quite easy(make sure you're wearing gloves and a mask if needed). then apply several coats of resin every 7-8 hours. I did 3 coats and is more than enough. After that you wet sand it with different grades of sand paper (from 100 to 1500) and when you're happy with part you can give it good quality laquer over it(2 or 3 coats will do just fine) and then get ready for a buff. Voila ...done. Depending on the time you working on them it should take you like 3 or 4 days.

I recommend you to have a look on YouTube to different skinning video clips as they would tell you the entire process.

Make sure that you use the specified by the seller quantities for the resin and hardner otherwise will end up wasting the materials and like me ... with a melted plastic cup.:)) funny moment....

Instead of using the laquer at the end you can use some sort of special paste for polishing but that will not be as protective as the laquer.(some laquers have UV protection.)

Good luck.

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Today, I put them on the car...they look briliant. Tomorrow big day for the CF bits left ...sanding day. :duh:

I will see what comes out off my hands. Hopefuly something much better.

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you are guilty hawk it was me who found it check in the detailing bit, dose look good though keep it up wots next on the agenda

I will have to finish the little bits and pieces I've covered in Cf first.:))

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